We keep before us that as we are blessed with continuous opportunities, it is our responsibility to bless others, both inside our dairy family as well as outside with opportunity to grow their own lives as well.

Forget-Me-Not farms was started in 1984 as Borsma A&T Dairy with 140 milk cows by a father and son team, Andy and Ted Boersma and their families. The dairies 1st farm location was south of Albuquerque, New Mexico near Bosque. Andy did the feeding and all things related and Ted took care of milking and cow health. Their wives, Grace (Andy) and Nancy (Ted) oversaw the young stock (both human and bovine). The family and farm grew and was blessed and in 1993 was relocated to Clovis, New Mexico on a now state-of-the-art facility designed to milk 1400 cows. In 2000 this location had also been outgrown and Powerline Dairy was added, able to milk an additional 3400 cows.

As the family and farm grew, so did the dairy responsibilities and so Naci (Ted and Nancy's 4th daughter) came on as office manager and T.J. (Aundi's husband, Ted and Nancy's oldest daughter) joined up to manage business affairs and oversee the growing workforce. As members joined, the vision grew and the family was led in 2008 to Kansas to consolidate the farms and continue to provide opportunity for both dairy growth and family involvement (Josh, Naci's husband, came on board in 2011 as systems analyst). This consolidated farm was named Forget-Me-Not Farms to keep the focused on the spiritual roots established from the start by Andy & Grace and Ted & Nancy.

We all keep before us that we are blessed to be a blessing and the dairy tries to provide the opportunity for both those inside our ever expanding dairy family as well as those outside with opportunities to grow their own lives as well.